60 Day Yeast/Candida/Anti-fungal Cleansing Protocol

Use initially for 60 days to rid body of the overburden the body is living with when you have an expressed yeast/Candida infection/infestation. Use is periodically/regularly for 30 days at a time to control it.

Those with Chronic Sinus, digestive, skin inflammation disorders, and weakened immune systems, cancer, auto-immune disorders, will need to repeat it more often than just the occasional sufferers. Frequent Wine/Beer drinkers too will also find great benefit from following this protocol regularly!

What is Candida? It is rightly also known as yeast, fungus, and mold; and is a parasite to the body which feeds on our body’s energy sources, robing you of essential energy/life force, and absolutely will not go away on its own. We cannot starve it out, so don’t follow the yeast diets that are so popular, believing that will do. It won’t. You desperately need all the organic fruits, vegetables, and berries those diets discourage! Not eating/having enough raw fruits, vegetables, and berries in your diet are one of the causes for the yeast overgrowth! All produce is low glycemic, meaning the carbohydrates enter the body slowly. Some more than others, but just don’t avoid fruit or any vegetable to rid your body of Candida! But do avoid commercial fruit juices, due to their non-fibrous, high sugar nature. You can’t starve it out!

This protocol works!  Follow it carefully for a full 60 days to get control, then use it occasionally as needed for 30-45 days thereafter. Don’t substitute the products, please. Just because I know these are effective together. Buy from me if you can through Natural Healthy Concepts, because I get a little bit of a referral fee to help support this work when you do! AND their prices are extremely competitive, service is great, shipping in the U.S. is free, and they ship quickly!

  •  Candex- Take 2 capsules 2X daily for 60 days-on empty stomach. Kills yeast by destroying its membrane.


  • Take the Jarro-dophilus EPS probiotic with Candex-2 capsules 2X daily. Doesn’t require refrigeration! Take for 60 days.


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