Animals experience emotions and exhibit distinct personalities, science confirms

Animals experience emotions and exhibit distinct personalities, science confirms Found at: Friday, December 01, 2017 by Isabelle Z. Note from Editor: Animals experience physical and emotional pain! To all of us animal lovers we have long known this, but others in our world still ignore this fact/awareness in deference to their preference for beef,…

11:11 Gateway into Full Embodiment

To any reader for whom this resonates, please join my blog. I hope to be part of a group of Lightworkers to be able to share/commune with, who like my message. This Lightworker stuff is lonely and sometimes pretty scary! It’s the deer in the headlights look others give that gets oldJ! Thank you! 11:11…

Candida-Yeast-Anti-fungal Cleanse Protocol

60 Day Yeast/Candida/Anti-fungal Cleansing Protocol Use initially for 60 days to rid body of the overburden the body is living with when you have an expressed yeast/Candida infection/infestation. Use is periodically/regularly for 30 days at a time to control it. Those with Chronic Sinus, digestive, skin inflammation disorders, and weakened immune systems, cancer, auto-immune disorders,…

Bio-identical Hormones–The issue with our hormones is not as simple as bio-identical or not!

Bio-identical Hormones–The issue with our hormones is not as simple as bio-identical or not!

First of all, there are hundreds of human hormones. There are endocrine, exocrine, anti-stress, stress creating, blood sugar controlling, energy giving, energy depleting, muscle or vaso-constricting [Vaso=blood vessel], muscle or vaso-relaxing, growth hormone, masculinizing, feminizing, weight loss, weight gain hormones, bone de-mineralizing/losing, and bone re-mineralizing/building. Most hormones are not correctly classified as a sex hormone, and those that are have more significant attributes than feminizing or masculinizing—as in what they do they do in both sexes to allow a certain function to occur.

Both sexes have almost all the same hormones; they just have them in relatively different amounts. The balance between hormones is critical to health but is pretty darn complicated to understand. And mathematical concepts/measurements are required! Medical doctors are taught a very limited and very skewed amount about the hormones we would consider the male and female hormones, in favor of selling pharmaceutical drugs in the forms of estrogens, progestins, and testosterone.

I cannot recommend any form of prescriptive hormone because no prescription will obtain a bio-identical i.e.-truly human form of the hormone. By definition, needing a prescription to access the hormone, means that it is not bio-identical! Bio-identical substances can’t be patented, and so cannot be sold by prescription. Without the prescription, the pricing cannot be marked up to create the profits the pharmaceutical companies require! So there is no profit to the pharm company to sell them.

Energy Update: Increased Sensitivities On All Levels Through Upgrades And Clearings

Energy Update: Increased Sensitivities On All Levels Through Upgrades And Clearings Reblogged from Soulful Heart Blog. October 4, 2017, Jelelle Awen Increased sensitivities on ALL levels as the upgrades and clearings continue coming in. Experiencing ascension upgrades and the clearings that they push up at the same time WHILE becoming more and more sensitive to the…

Major Cellular Clearing Going On For Every Living Cell In The Body

Major Cellular Clearing Going On For Every Living Cell In The Body

October 6, 2017 Jelelle Awen

By Jelelle Awen

It feels like there is a pretty major cellular body clearing going on in the moment. All those codes coming in for the last months flushing out what needs to be purged at the physical body level. In our SoulFullHeart community, we are experiencing this, seen it in those we work with in session space, and I’ve been feeling into it with my guides/aspects to get a bigger and deeper sense of it. ‘Your every living cell has be to cleared out in order to upgrade’ is the response I’ve received. Your EVERY living cell gives you a sense of the scope and depth of this upgrade process that is happening in the now.

Our physical bodies have had to be the densest vehicles to navigate things in 3D reality, such as gravity. The physical body is also the most anchored into linear time as experienced in aging connected with ‘years’ passing. Their upgrade to light body crystalline Merkabahs is a BIG thing. …

It’s a Bean!

It’s a Bean!

One of my web pages here at called “It’s a Bean” is still in progress and may be for some time. I began a book by that name some time ago, and am now going to get it finished! Soybeans may be one of the most essential foods we can embrace! By sheer count of nutrients, soybeans contain one of the highest number of beneficial, cell protective, immune protective, endocrine balancing, digestive supporting, fat emulsifying, healthy-fat-filled, and bone building nutrients of any plant we can find to eat!

Why have the dietitians, pharmaceutical companies, pro beef/meat and pro dairy fans, and doctors so maligned it? It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? This blessed little bean could save your life and your ability to procreate (yes-to have healthy children!) as a normal, healthy human being was designed to do. They are possibly critical to our nutritional intake and to our hormonal balances! And I am not exaggerating!

I will explain this further, but be clear about this! Genetically Modified Organisms (called GMO foods) including GMO soybeans; are no longer the food form that they were genetically altered from! They should be called by a completely different name like “BEAN X”! Furthermore, they are not fit for humans or animals to eat because they poison us! They are intentionally polluted with chemicals that will kill and maim cells, prevent the cells from dividing into another healthy cell, and cause allergies in most people. Genetically modified soybeans are frightening on many levels. And Monsanto, et al know this.


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