Foods & Nutrients We Require Daily!

The 4 Must change choices we are virtually all; if not all; in need of!

Few people seem to approach their nutrition program from a foundational [to the cell] basic-whole picture-everything needed, but taking nothing which is not needed, perspective.

I Do!

Think of it as the recipe it is and know you want all the ingredients in the right balance!

I recommend to others, that they do too! It just works better.

I want no unnecessary holes in the program and want no excessive amounts of unneeded Vitamins or out of balance minerals—like too much calcium in the wrong form; or too much B1, B2 and B12, but not enough Biotin, Folic Acid or B6 for example. I absolutely want enough of the ANTI-INFLAMMATORY Omega-3 fatty acids from plants and not too much of the PRO-INFLAMMATORY Omega-6 fats, as people so commonly err in! I believe in the magnificence of the 100’s of nutrients per plant; and that God knew better than I how much beta-carotene and lutein was needed without forgetting about the indole-3 carbinols, mineral balance, digestive enzymes, or misunderstanding the Phytates (magically cancer preventive), and including the fiber. And I want it all to come first from whole foods, and only to supplement where needed after that.

For some reason, an important fact that I intuited a long, long time ago, we would do better to focus on the foods primarily, not the supplements. It started with the introduction to how awful Leukemia was. My awakening to all this then progressed to “It needs to be whole foods, not isolated vitamins”, once I discovered the Juice Plus+™ whole food: fruit, vegetable, and berry supplements. From that point, as a doctoral student in “Holistic Nutrition”, it was cemented by the works of people like Paul Pitchford, T. Colin Campbell’s (PhD.) research, Michael Pollan’s, Dr. Bernard Jensen, and Udo Erasmus, PhD. With the Juice Plus+™ body of now 38 studies, the Nutrition and Physical Degeneration book by Weston A. price D.D.S. and a great deal of basic research on point for my doctoral dissertation; the road sign for nutritional health was in bright blinking lights!

“OH MY! It is from WHOLE FOODS that we obtain our nutrient needs in the right balance!!!”

Parts are parts, and the whole is better!

By now, roughly 15 years since I read the first 3 published studies completed on the Juice Plus+™ encapsulated produce powders, their body of research added to the vast research I hold in my personal files as evidence, is just really impressive. Armed with those facts…we proceed.

The title of my lengthy 365-page doctoral dissertation was: “A Simple Plan for Bone Growth, Strength, Mineralization, and wellness: Nutritional, Hormonal, and Physiological Factors in Bone Mineral Density Across the Lifespan.”

What is not obvious about my choice to  measure “bone density” management as the marker for this work, is that those things that lead to bone density loss, mirror the things that lead to breast, ovarian, uterine, prostate, fertility, cardiovascular, neurological, immune deficiency (from a cold to cancer), digestive disease, and thyroid (hormonal) dysfunction. ALL of these illnesses share the same food, nutrient, and hormonal imbalances. I chose bone density because it is so tied to both diet and hormones.

My search, my quest was to answer “What would be a complete program for us humans? I believed then as I do today, with more certainty, that there is a good answer, a recipe. And if it exists, we could reduce much of the confusion about what a good diet would be!

And furthermore, what are the gaps we have to fill when our food intake can’t manage the whole task?

According to the Human Genome Project published in 2003, human being are 99.9% alike genetically. With that said, it is likely that we were designed for much of the same kind and ratio of foods needed. I have found this to be true as I have counseled people through the years.

First I am providing the summary. Following the summary I will add many more details and the supplement I use to fill the gaps, ASAP.

Lets begin with a good summary.

A Recipe for Excellent Health

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1.     Drink Enough Pure/clean water from the filtered earth to support your body weight, daily. At least 1 oz water per ½ lb of body weight. More if you drink soft drinks, commercial fruit juices, exercise above average, or don’t eat enough alkaline mineral (i.e. plant foods).

2.     Eat enough (~10-13 servings) of organically grown, widely varied in color, fruits, vegetables, and berries daily to provide the many hundreds of different nutrients found in those foods daily. God knew the ratios, so we will go with his/her guidance on how much of each form of which nutrient type is needed per food. The best multivitamin/multi-mineral pill in the world cannot approach the completeness of nature. Most people cannot eat this many daily servings. Taking the 2 daily capsules from the 3 different colors of the Juice Plus+™ supplement will boost you significantly towards the necessary level. The photo to right shows about 12 servings, but it is totally lacking in the purples and reds from berries, and the fruits in yellow, gold, red and green. It is a lot of food, yet incomplete for our needs!

3.     Eat Enough soluble and insoluble fiber, currently estimated by research to be 30-35 grams daily Grains will never get you there, only produce and beans will. Fiber only comes from plants, animal foods have none. Beans, not grains, are our fiber filled healthy foods.

4.     Eat foods which provide the body with a 50:50  balance of Omega-3

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fats: (ALA, EPA, DHA) to Omega 6 fats: (LA, GLA).

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Supplement daily with Omega-3 flax oil from Barlean’s brand Organic Flaxseed oil. 1 TBSP daily. I choose Barlean’s brand because of their absolute purity, and attention to the fragile nature of flax seeds and their precious oil.

The Fish Oil portion of the Omega-3 family. It is secondary to Flax seed oil in need, but for many, a must have to heal neurological, eyes, hearing, cardiovascular, arterial, and emotional impairments.

4B. Many people are also, not instead of, but also needing about 1000-1100 mg daily of EPA and DHA. I prefer Nordic Naturals™ for that product choice for the same purity and quality choices I mentioned about Barlean’s brand above.

5.     Focus on eating lots of alkaline plants and the alkaline minerals they provide to support a blood pH that hovers at 7.2. Really, all whole fruits are alkaline because of their alkaline mineral content; despite some writers saying otherwise. Vegetables are absolutely very alkaline. This and our fiber needs, are the biggest reasons for our requirement so much plant food consumption.

Add for digestion of Grains, Dairy, and Bean foods.

6.    Cooking, heating, and/or pasteurizing food destroys the digestive enzymes each food contains in it’s uncooked form. So cooked foods are difficult for us to digest. Eat raw food as much as possible for the digestive enzymes raw foods contain. For all cooked foods, the digestive enzymes made in the pancreas are vastly insufficient. Added enzymes, have to come from an outside source, to the extent they are needed.  Enzymes for dairy foods, grains, and bean foods must also be taken from outside sources The. Juice Plus+™ capsules have been shown to contain a significant supply of effective enzymes required to digest our proteins, fats, and simple to moderately complex sugars/carbohydrates. So they would be the first external supplemental choice/source. However, stress considerably limits digestive enzyme production in the body. The enzymes needed to digest dairy foods, grains foods, and bean foods, still require another outside source, or humans are not able to be fully digested in the gut. The best supplement I’ve found is Enzymedica Digest. This specific SKU product of that company adds the missing enzymes not prevalent in the Juice Plus+ capsules, so no overlapping! Take 2-3 daily.Take one each time you eat any form of dairy products, grain foods, and/or bean food or 2-3 daily.

Iodine/Potassium Iodide for Thyroid Support

7.     Iodine has to be supplied in sufficient amount for us to make/synthesis enough of our 2 key Thyroid hormones (i.e. T3-T4). Each T3 or T4 hormone unit contains either 3 or 4 Iodine molecules per unit made. However, Iodine is chronically and usually not in people’s daily diet intake to a sufficient amount. Simultaneously, we are exposed–no bombarded–constantly by environmental intake/breathing of 3 other minerals in the same family of minerals. They are oversupplied, while iodine is under-supplied. These over*supplied minerals are the first 3 elements of the 7th column of the elemental table, and known as Halogen minerals. They are gas in their natural state, so we breathe them as well as eat/drink them in. You know them as Chlorine (Cl-), Fluorine (Fl-), and Bromine (Br-). Because of their similar chemical constructs to Iodine, they will bind to all of the same compounds as Iodine does, including Tyrosine. Tyrosine is the main amino acid and the basis of T3 and T4 thyroid hormones. When Cl-, Fl-, or Br- bind to the hormone, instead of Iodine, they can and often do, impede the correct formation of the Thyroid hormones, causing mild to very severe thyroid dysfunction. If there is enough Iodine in the diet, Iodine will bind, preferentially, to the Tyrosine, because of its heavier weight. Enough Iodine is always needed and few people’s diet provides enough. But with any signs/symptoms of thyroid dysfunction, one should opt for added Iodine to be supplemented.  I only have one iodine supplement I can recommend, called IODORAL, 12.5 mg tablets, as no food provides a concentrated enough amount to treat the deficiency. Organic Kelp and seaweed are good foods to eat, but are really not concentrated enough to reverse the problem. Iodine is safe, healthy, and usually helpful to most of my clients. Our dogs need it too for the same reasons we do. I am not certain about cats.

Due to excessive daily stressors for most people, these additional considerations must also be added/addressed.

Progesterone Creme Alternative Brand at Natural Healthy Concepts

Organic Excellence brand Progesterone Creme is my first choice due to quality! Order directly from manufacturer here.

8.     Added amounts of the balancing, anti-stress hormone Bio-identical [only] Natural Progesterone (from plant sources only), will be required daily for many men and most women. A schedule for added use should be adhered to. Pregnant women, women no longer menstruating, and men will need it daily. Menstruating women, will use added progesterone but on a schedule that is generally 14 days on and 12-14 days off. No form of RX progesterone will work!! None. Use the pump delivery, not the tubs. The pumps preserve the purity of the progesterone cream. I recommend the Organic Excellence Progesterone Pump bottles, with or without the Phytoestrogenic herbs,  but believe that the AllVia Progensa, 4 oz, either with or without the Phytoestrogens may offer another solution.

NOTEWomen who are neither pregnant or lactating and all men, should benefit more from the Progesterone with the Phytoestrogenic herbs more than without the herbs.

Women who are pregnant or lactating though, should use the Progesterone Cream choices without the phytoestrogenic herbs, until they are no longer pregnant or bread feeding.

Phytoestrogens are extremely protective, and not feminizing! They help the Thyroid, adrenal, and other cells remain safe from the massive amuonts of damaging estrogens in the blood stream, cells, and Tissues. 

9.     Few men or women at any age are actually deficient in estrogen or testosterone when their diet and available stores of natural progesterone are ample. DHEA deficiencies are immediately remedied by adding more progesterone. Truly rarely is any person deficient in estrogen-that is a fallacy created by drug companies late in the 1920’s and through the 1930’s, and is perpetuated to this day to sell drugs to women.

10.    Stress depletes B-Complex vitamins and Magnesium at a very rapid rate. Thus depending on the level of stress one’s diet, lifestyle, the toxicity of environment, the presence of and stage of any existing illness, amount of exercise, or other circumstances exist, many people would benefit from an added balanced whole food balanced B Complex in AM and 400 mg of added Magnesium in PM.

11.     Enough Calcium and Potassium will generally be provided by following this diet! You may supplement potassium if potassium deficiency signs exist. If you are deficient in Calcium something is wrong with your body’s metabolism of Calcium, as the

Heartburn, digestion, Potassium

foods listed above contain all the calcium you could need. So seriously improve your digestive enzymes, add 1-2 TBSP of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, and increase daily fiber intake to improved Calcium absorption from food. Do not take a calcium supplement as it will be wholly ineffective and almost certainly cause harm, due to the chemical makeup of the calcium molecule. Putting calcium, whether in powder or pill form, directly into the stomach, neutralizes required digestive acids, increases indigestion, and does not improve blood calcium levels. Apple Cider Vinegar is also a good Potassium source!

There is simply nothing not needed [i.e. superfluous] within these recommendations or this recipe. Some clients need additional choices, like yeast-candida cleansing supplements or to double up on the Juice Plus+ capsules for a period of time. But the whole recipe is pretty well covered here in this text. Some don’t need the fish oil-as the flax seed oil is sufficient. And many won’t require the Apple Cider Vinegar. But know that these recommendations work, fairly universally in my 18+years of experience. Finally, please, don’t take calcium in any form but food, as it is a widow/widower maker due to its chemical structure and its need to be digested in the upper intestine and not the stomach!

I hope there is helpful information in this page. It’s all true and correct, so let me know if I can help you further. This is the end of the section for now. Stay tuned for more 🙂

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