Let Peace Begin With Me!

Please provide me with both your first and last name, a good email, and if you want a reply or phone call back about a health issue or to connect with me professionally, please provide a phone number too. I’d love to know where you live and anything else about you that you want me to know, like… I have 3 children; have had a hysterectomy; are married, divorced, or single: struggle with an addiction to XYZ; have fibromyalgia; Hypo or Hyperthyroidism; have/had xyz cancer; have GERD/reflux; have heart disease; etc.  What you say will be confidential but help me know what it is I can help you with.

Please, no rude, profane, or condescending comments! My intentions are loving and kind and I approach this work with integrity. But anyone can err or fail to see the bigger picture-me or you! And, all of us are still learning too! Also know that if you want to market a product to me, I will be curious about it. But, I will only respond to you, if you also provide me a good explanation of what it is, how I might research it, actual research done on the product, and how it is sold.

How can you support my work? By ordering products through my affiliate links to Lucky Vitamins and Juice Plus+(TM). Please do so! If you believe I am helping you and others, please use these links exclusively and ask friends to! 

I do make appointments for Nutritional and Hormone consultations and will charge you for the time we spend. I use a sliding scale to be sure I can help most everyone, but my standard charge is an hourly rate prorated at $100. Call or email me to inquire.

My work in Nutrimones™ is 100% research-based over a number of years, and quite effective. I don’t frivolously recommend anything.

I approach spiritual things is more intuitive with meditation, prayer, faith, discernment, and a trusting in my Co-creator essence and wholeness. I believe we all must use our own internal guidance system in discerning what is true for each of us. We really are in charge through our own choices, of our “now” time and our “future” becoming!

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