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It’s a Bean!

This webpage here at called “It’s a Bean” is still in progress and may be for some time. I began a book by that name some time ago, and am now going to get it finished! Soybeans may be one of the most essential foods we can embrace! They contain by sheer count of nutrients, soybeans contain one of the highest number of beneficial, cell protective, immune protective, endocrine balancing, digestive supporting, fat emulsifying, healthy-fat-filled, and bone building nutrients of any plant we can find to eat!

Why have the dietitians, pharmaceutical companies, pro beef/meat and pro dairy fans, and doctors so maligned it? It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? This blessed little bean could save your life and your ability to procreate (yes-to have healthy children!) as a normal, healthy human being was designed to do. They are possibly critical to our nutritional intake and to our hormonal balances! And I am not exaggerating!

I will explain this further, but be clear about this! Genetically Modified Organisms (called GMO foods) including GMO soybeans; are no longer the food form that they were genetically altered from! They should be called by a completely different name like “BEAN X”! Furthermore, they are not fit for humans or animals to eat because they poison us! They are intentionally polluted with chemicals that will kill and maim cells, prevent the cells from dividing into another healthy cell, and cause allergies in most people. Genetically modified soybeans are frightening on many levels. And Monsanto, et al know this.


But ORGANIC GOD-MADE SOYBEANS are fabulously protective and healing of humans and our children. Soybeans are simply remarkably healthy, anti-cancerous, cell protective and healing, anti-inflammatory, and almost always non-allergenic!

In fact, by shear count, they may have more beneficial plant form nutrients than any other plant we can name!  There are filled with all of the fabulous nutrients, and forms of nutrients found in most beans, but they have more to offer still! Beans, like black beans, pinto beans, lentils, and pulses, just beat the pants off of animal protein sources, and rank at the highest level of anitoxidants, minerals, fiber, cell protective, bone density nutrient with literally hundreds of beneficial food nutrients! I have thought for some time that God was having one of his/her brightest days when Organic-God-Made Soybeans were created. Below if the initial book cover I designed in 2012 to detail this miraculous food form:

The very nutrients the negative press attack about Soybeans are in fact the most healing and beneficial of all the nutrients found in Organic Soybeans. More will be written later, but I want to just leave my initial readers with facts about Organic Soybeans, including Organic Edamame (my favorite), Organic Tofu, Organic soy isolate [minimally processed] which still contains 2-4 grams of the good fiber from the original plant, and Tempeh!

Why SHOULD you want to eat organic soy–just the bullet points for now! If you study the research for the distinction between organic, non-GMO soybean nutrients and the standard GMO soy foods that the companies like Monsanto** sell, you will see that the good results come from Organic-original God-made Soybeans and the negative results are directly tied to the GMO Soybeans. Don’t be fooled. God did not create this remarkable food to harm humans–instead they display a genius that only Mother Nature could have intended!

Humans created the GMO Soybeans to make money from them. The created forms hurt humans and animals!

I have researched this intensely for years, looking always to distinguish the research for non-GMO-organic soy foods vs. the garbage GMO soybeans of Monsanto, DuPont, and other global company creation.

One of the best sources of good evidence in favor of Organic soybean consumption is THE CHINA STUDY by T. Colin Campbell and his son from 2004.  The reasons it supports the benefits of organic soybeans, so obviously, is because the years of the study, i.e. the data results, generally preceded the use of the GMO Soybean foods being sold in China.

The very words, “Genetic Modification”, “tells on itself” in the words G-e-n-e-t-i-c M-o-d-i-f-i-c-a-t-i-o-n! This is a large road sign that we just ignore! Any being or entity that has had a change of the genetics–i.e. the blueprint of its cell structure, into another gene form, man-made in this case, clearly calls itself out, saying: WARNING! WARNING!: The original nutrients/structure is no longer present! The food–i.e. the cell’s very structure has been changed!”  Whatever the new food is, it is not still the original food structurally or genetically! So why would we still call it a soybean if it is not?

GMO is toxic food, by design! God’s creation of Organic Soybeans begs admiration for the Creator and Evidences God’s Love for all humans and animals. 

** NOTE: The largest producers of GMO soybeans and GMO corn are Monsanto, DuPont, and Dow Chemical, as well as Germany’s Bayer and Syngenta of Switzerland.

The numerous and miraculous health supporting reasons to eat Organic Soybeans include:

  • Beans in general, including soybeans, are loaded with protein at 12-13 g of protein per serving!  Humans like the amino acids profile in beans very well. Meat has a better amino acid profile for rats, but not for humans. At 133 lean calories for 13.33 g of protein or only 1 calorie per gram of protein! And without saturated fat or cholesterol!  Soybeans, black beans, lentils, pinto beans, field peas and others in that group, provide the highest protein per calorie. Said another way, they provide a leaner source of protein than any other food! 


  • Additionally, the proteins in organic soy are also usually non-allergenic, while the GMO soy foods are known to be more allergenic to babies, and humans in general. Allergies to GMO soy are common, but not to the God-given organic soy protein!


  • Contains 8~ grams of fiber/100 gr of the shelled Edamame-i.e. whole blanched, green soybean. Divide the carbohydrates at 10.67 by the 8 fiber grams to gauge just how much energy per gram of fiber you are consuming. You just can’t find foods below that 1.33X with any form of grain food! Produce and beans are lean, low glycemic foods! Relative to the best possible whole grain food glycemic index I could find, Bob’s Red Mill Kasha, with a higher than beans glycemic index of 7.72X the calories per 100g are 341. Low glycemic is an important weight loss and insulin triggering issue measuring the amount of carbohydrates per fiber gram, as fiber slows the digestion of the sugar in the food.


  • Contains 2 well-known forms of protective estrogen that blocks the more toxic human and environmental forms of estrogens. These phytoestrogens are called Isoflavones, the best known being genistein and daidzein.


  • Contains significant amounts of Lecithin, a critical fat emulsifier, especially for people eating saturate and hydrogenated fats, with significant benefits to human blood fat composition.


  • Contains nutrients called Phytates and Oxalates. Phytates and Oxalates are often falsely maligned by un-knowing writers. In fact, they are both powerfully protective of cell integrity, cell function, and cellular reproduction. Few other food sources do so much as phytates can in the support your immune function in protecting your DNA from damage when cells are generating their energy through respiration and when they divide and grow! 


  • Finally, soybeans have a favorable, healthy fat/lipid profile, delivering a very healthy balance of Polyunsaturated fats (PUFA) in the forms of Omega 3, 6, and 9 fats and no cholesterol! (Plant foods do not have Cholesterol, cholesterol is an animal fat.)

I believe that in all the foods we have to eat, in fact, the original, God-made, organic Soybean may be one of the most health promoting foods we were ever given to eat. We need to stop the GMO foods from being produced and embrace the love of our body built into this original and nutritious bean–the Soybean!


Soybeans are really a superfood and we need them for all their fabulous qualities, plus the endocrine balancing features they contain. They are a very high vibrational food for sure!

We require added enzymes in the form of; to digest bean foods. I recommend a specific brand and SKU:  Enzymedica Digest®

Added Enzymes

It comes in various sizes and compliments the enzymes already being taken when one takes the Juice Plus+ product/capsules. If you are not taking the Juice Plus 3 capsule blend; upgrade your enzymes to the Enzymedica Gold product, instead.




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