Letting Go of Judgment, Finding Sacred Purpose

December 3, 2017 By Kathleen Mary Willis

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With greater awareness of our wholeness and knowing the inter-connectedness of everything, we see letting go of old insidious ways happening more and more often.

We’ve seen women say, “Enough!” to sexual harassment in the #MeToo movement and the Canadian Prime Minister apologize to the Indigenous and LGBTQ2, the resulting healing occurring on many levels.

We, individually, are becoming more conscious of our internal states of being and how they affect us as a whole, collectively.

When we take responsibility for our judgements, turn them around, and look at ourselves in trust and forgiveness, disharmony within diminishes, opening the space for joy, for sacred purpose.


In November 2013, Sanat Kumara through, Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love, told us during his teaching of the Universal Law of Dispensation: “Judgment is cruel and the history of cruelty on the planet of Gaia has come to an end.”

“We cannot be too strong in speaking about judgment. And there are situations where we have asked you to be the observer and this is not one of them. There is no room for you to be the observer any longer where there is judgment.

“You can do it in a humorous way. You can say to the individual:

‘Well, gee, this sounds like judgment to me. And you know, I don’t do judgment. I’m allergic to judgment. Judgment makes me feel sick. So can we just let this go?’

“And then do so.

“What you are doing is you are teaching the person you are having the conversation with that there is no payoff, there is no reward, and there is no real tolerance in judgment.

“It is one thing to discern and discernment is vitally important in your journey, but judgment is cruel, and the history of cruelty on the planet of Gaia has come to an end. There is no room for it.

“People think that they say something casually and it is judgmental but that it is not harmful and that is simply not so. It is very harmful and it speaks to a lack of love, a lack of compassion, and a lack of allowance. You do not have permission or the wisdom to judge anyone.” (1)

That same November, I asked Archangel Michael in a personal reading through Linda Dillon, what to do when someone starts complaining. . .

“When humans complain about their situation or complain about another human, what is the best way to reply? For instance if you are sitting in a car and someone starts complaining and you can’t get away. . . ?”

Archangel Michael said: “Tell them to shut up!” with a laugh. In the higher realms there is no judgement. He went on to say:

“But truly in a very polite and loving way, that is exactly what you are saying to them. First send them, as if you were blasting them, send them pink.

“Now as you know I am very preferential and partial to blue but when you send them pink, it is like the gentlest caress of the sunrise and of their pink diamond flame, so send them first the caress of pink.

“Then say, I understand — not I know — but I understand that what you are talking about, and what you are saying may — not does — but may have some foundation or legitimacy, but it hurts me.

“It hurts me when I hear this kind of talk because I understand that what you are doing when we talk about this, is simply building the energy of this disharmony, of this pain, of this hurt.

“So can we both together send some healing and change the subject?”


When Sanat Kumara taught us the Universal Law of Sacred Purpose, he said that thought patterns, judgements such as, “I’m fat, I’m ugly, I’m unlovable, I’m unloved, I’m really not worth anything” are horrendous and never in alignment with our sacred purpose.

“Knowing your alignment with your sacred purpose is like red light/green light. You often say, ‘I feel like I am in the flow, what I am trying to create, what I am thinking, what I am feeling, how I am pursuing things, it’s simply clear sailing.’

“When it is clear sailing, it is because you are in alignment with your sacred purpose.

“Now I put a proviso on this. It means that it is clear sailing because you have also relinquished fear and doubt and worry, anger, limitation. . .”

He said all Universal Law is birthed from Love, and that every thought, action, opinion that is not of love is not in accordance with Universal Law and our sacred purpose:

“All Law, all Universal Law, including especially the Law of Purpose, is birthed from Love. Plain and simple. There is not a Law that is not of Love. And therefore any thought, any action, every opinion that you have that is “less than” is not in accordance with Universal Law and not in accordance with the Law of Purpose.

“That is why it is so important, my dear friends, to know, to come to understand and to be joyful in the knowing of your sacred purpose. And it is unique and particular to you. You are the unfoldment of the Mother’s Plan for Gaia, just as the trees, the mountains, the grass, the oceans are. It is a harmonious creation and fulfillment.

“But it is difficult for you to proceed and you have done so bravely and courageously and with enormous fortitude, but it is hard if you are swimming around in the dark, is it not?

“So come. Come and sit with me in that sacred chamber of your heart and let this knowing of your sacred purpose in alignment with the Law of Sacred Purpose let it come forth and let yourself rejoice because that is your purpose. It is to be Love, to be joy, to be of One.” (2)


Often in this journey of life, we think we have made mistakes. We fall into judgement of self, of failure, ruin, futility, anxiety, but when we trust in the Divine Order of all things, know forgiveness of everything, there is no judgement.

In one of my very first readings, in 2012, my principal guide told me:

“There is no such thing as mistakes. The only mistake humans make is in judgement, when they judge themselves or others to be “less than,” when they do not see the glory of their own Divinity, that is just sad.”


Now is the time to say, “Enough” to all judgement, all complaints, to courageously face that inner critic within.

Sometimes we unconsciously judge or complain to others about someone else when we could be looking within, asking, “Why am I doing this?”

The answers are within.

Our guides and guardians

ask us to sit still every morning

in the golden chambers of our heart,

to invoke them and Universal Law or a Flame.

The situations and people that make us feel uncomfortable can be metaphors/reflections of how we are feeling within.

Uncomfortable outer situations

are really our discomfort within.


What seem like minor details, cleaning up judgement of self and others, affects the big picture. As within, so without.

 An invocation

I invoke Sanat Kumara
and the Universal Laws of Change,
Transmutation and Elimination
for all judgement,
chronic complaining
about external situations,
not facing into issues of self.

As we do this individually, it ripples out to everyone on Gaia, along with joy for sacred purpose.


(1) SANAT KUMARA ON THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF DISPENSATION, November 1, 2013, http://counciloflove.com/2013/11/sanat-kumara-on-the-universal-law-of-dispensation/

(2) SANAT KUMARA EXPLAINS THE 1ST UNIVERSAL LAW, THE LAW OF PURPOSE, August 16, 2013, http://counciloflove.com/2013/08/sanat-kumara-explains-the-1st-universal-law-the-law-of-purpose/


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