NUTRIMONES™: Foundational Health Through Balanced Foods/Water Intake and Hormonal Supplementation

This page is still under construction. The message will tie your dietary choices directly to your balance of the stress and anti-stress hormones to normalize your cellular functions. This choice to balance your nutritional intake with your body’s true needs, will make your life so much more enjoyable, and lessen profoundly

  1. Any female or male hormone imbalances;
  2. Thyroid dysfunction in both women and men;
  3. Arterial and venous functions;
  4. Improve digestion;
  5. Improve bone density growth and strength;
  6. Improve mood and neurological functioning;
  7. Support cardiovascular function;
  8. Ensure adequate bone density,

    Organic Excellence is my choice. it delivers both 20 mg of natural USP progesterone from plant sources, per pump of emollient cream.

  9. Reduce all signs of
    1. PMS,
    2. Fertility issues,
    3. Menopausal or
    4. Peri-menopausal symptoms.

It will amaze you with the results!

I am recommending the daily application/addition of the natural-truly bio-identical progesterone from a cream applied to your breast, chest, inner arms, feet ankles and anywhere else you see your veins & arteries through your skin. Yes, it is a recommendation for men and women, as it is a problem on the Anti-stress side of the hormonal pathway. Progesterone is no more of a female hormone than is insulin! It is best applied two times (2X) daily right to your skin. For more about Progesterone go to this page:

When available in sufficient amounts, our body’s natural hormone progesterone works miracles to remove the damaging symptoms of physical, mental, or emotional stress, by providing the progesterone your body needs to generate/synthesize your Cortisol and Aldosterone hormones. Without enough human progesterone supply, all hell breaks loose as your immune, thyroid, digestive, cardiovascular, pulmonary, skeletal, and integumentary systems. In other words, your body becomes more inflamed, vulnerable to infection and DNA damage, your heart and lungs more dysfunctional, your digestive system ceases to work. You will then begin to experience a vast number of hormonal imbalance symptoms! Instead of self-healing, your body’s disease creating potential takes over. 

This is the first level of recommendations for anyone to begin healing their body from stress and related endocrine issues. Nothing is optional really for reasons of critical synergy and to cover our human fundamental needs.

  • 2 capsules daily of the Juice Plus+™ Capsules–all three colors; buy here
  • Barlean’s Brand Organic Flax oil–1 full tablespoon or 10 of the 1 gram capsules daily; BUY HERE
  • 4-6 pumps daily of the Organic Excellence progesterone cream, on the right schedule for your life phase; Rubbed onto your skin on your chest, breast, inner arm and anywhere else you see your veins through skin! BUY HERE
  • Fresh spring or carbon filtered water equal to 1 ounce per 2 lb of body weight. (Body weight÷2 = # oz of water daily)! So a 150 lb. a person needs 75 oz. daily of water, as a minimum.

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Theresa W. Cook Ph.D.

I am not a medical doctor but am trained extensively to counsel in these holistic aspects of our body’s functioning and its ability to heal itself–if and when it is provided the right tools in balance, including the foods it requires and supplements in form and ratio to its needs. I am extensively trained in the subjects I present herein.

To learn more about how to use these items, contact Dr. Cook here.

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