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This is Dr. Theresa Cook (MBA, and PhD). I am so glad you found my new blog-web site!

In this blog, we are going to cover a wide array of topics including my earlier and current work as the Nutrition and Hormones Holistic Healer. I have much to share since I began this journey of studying Nutrition in 1999 post Leukemia.  I then added an intense study of Hormone/endocrine regulation as I observed daily the very common and predictable stress related healing needs with my clients/customers. From there and following some devastating financial and health losses; God/Source led me to study vibrational energy and the now quite evident spiritual ascension into our higher dimensions. Now-I hope and believe, I have emerged as a better/kinder person and healer/counselor! Although it may seem that Nutrition, hormones, and faith/spiritual issues are separate issues; they are in no way separate. They are absolutely, 100% connected at their core.

One of the major truths in healing is that our body’s are intricately connected cell to cell, organ to organ to each other. We cannot treat the heart and think we are ignoring the digestive system. Likewise our energy level matters. Negative emotions like anger, fear, greed, hate and envy affect our cell function in a way that favors illness/infection/cancer. Higher vibrational emotions like love, forgiveness, gratitude, and hopefulness affect our cell level health in an opposite way–in favor of wellness. The wholeness of our bodies is mirrored by the ONENESS of the world and vice-versa. That is the spiritual reason that we would choose to treat everyone the way we want to be treated because our mistreatment of another is mistreating our selves. All is ONE. All is LOVE, and that is just true! Humanity is here on this planet to AWAKEN! To re-member our glorious essence of co-creator with Source. We are in a remarkable time of healing as a planet and of becoming a 5th dimension and beyond planet of enlightened humans and animals with an upgraded cellular and DNA structure. We are breaking away from a many year [read Era] domination by a dark force we will refer to as the Illuminati/Cabal! What a struggle it has been and what a joy it is to see our future emerging as the awakened loving beings God/Source created us to be. We will no longer just trust what we can see and measure as we did in our 3rd-dimensional ego-driven world, but also what we know or intuit from our more elevated 5th-dimensional beingness.

Though this will/may stretch your thinking, we will also be watching and learning about the ASCENSION of GAIA–Our Mother Earth taking place. Since December 2012 the Human body form, our cells themselves and our DNA have increased in vibration. We are moving quickly from a heavy cellular structure of carbon-based cells with only a 2 stranded DNA to Crystalline Cells (Silicon replacing Carbon) and upgraded many stranded DNA in this time of ascension. There is a helpful video by Jordan Sather about the recent Schumann Resonance increases measuring the ascending energy measurements. That increase in vibration is about increasing in our human heart-related love and joy energy. This vibration is positive and should not be misconstrued as an increase in agitation or chaos. No this is a wonderful step up in the higher vibrational level (i.e. positive) emotions, Jordan Sather describes.  This associated ascension of HU-beings represents earth’s new age and we will need a higher vibrational diet! Simultaneously we will see the full recovery of the world global monetary systems and new-improved governance in the form of N.E.S.A.R.A., the amazing and hopeful law signed by Bill Clinton but not yet enacted. We are going through massive shift now at this time of the Lions Gate Portal opening on 8-8-2017 and the 8-21-2017 solar eclipse. The energy of August, September, and now October is cleansing, and healing, though still very chaotic. We have to hold on to the faith in the light coming through, more and more forcefully! The highest vibrations are found in love, forgiveness, hope, and joy. Let’s continue our journey there together!

[Note: To learn about NESARA be certain that the reference source you are reading uses the word REFORMATION as the “R” letter in the name. NESARA stands for National Economic Security and Reformation Act. There is intentional disinformation in the media to convince people that NESARA is a falsehood. But I assure you it is real. Remember to confirm that the word REFORMATION is in the name of whatever you reference/read!]

Full disclosure of the CABAL’s actions in controlling us and our denying our access to healthy foods and meaningful medical care will soon be known. The vastly limited and largely incomplete medical training our Doctors receive/use; dangerous pharmaceutical interventions; the intentional pollution of our food sources; misspoken nutritional facts of what is and what is not healthy for humans and pets; and the egregious other crimes against humanity in the form of false wars and creating travesties like 911 and recently in Law Vegas; will soon be known to all. I am a lightworker with the one stated purpose: to lovingly and kindly assist  our world and our world’s “deserving of better” population heal and re-member that WE ARE ALL ONE!

I refer to my healing practice as NUTRIMONES™. It is a coined word reflecting the inextricable connection between our Nutritional intake/or lack of intake and our Hormones/endocrine functions. Think of it as healing both nutritional and endocrine imbalances simulateously! Traditional medicine today does not train physicians to connect those two concepts, but our bodies connect them immediately and at every moment of our lives. This is an example of the Wholeness or Oneness we each human and animal is. Our healing modalities must take it all into consideration to fully support our client’s wellness. I believe we live in a world that is re-finding its way to the ONENESS that we are. Come join me and the many millions of other lightworkers as we move into higher vibrational living and wellness.

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Thank you,

Theresa Wathen Cook, M.B.A., Ph.D.

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