We are ascending angels moving into a much better world with much higher vibrations in Crystalline (more silicon-based) bodies with upgraded DNA. The dark cabal is leaving and we are emerging as the loving beings we are.

Foundational cell health requires many daily servings of organic produce

9-13 servings of organic, varied, raw, fruits, vegetables, berries daily. Eat all you can and supplement with Juice Plus+ capsules. Additionally, take 1 TBSP or 10 of the capsules daily of Barlean's Organic Flax Oil. Flax provides the most important Omega 3 fat. It's the one we must supplement--yes, instead of fish oil!. Omega-3 fat from Flax oil is the most anti-inflammatory--so pain reducing-substance on the plant. Don't supplement any Omega-6 fats! None! This is one of the key secrets to weight loss!

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It's Actually Bio-identical Human Progestone that is missing in stressed Humans!

Thyroid dysfunction in both sexes is directly tied to your body's deficient supply of Human Progesterone. The only form of progesterone we can use is the identical hormone that humans make. Progesterone is needed in higher levels in women and needed more for their reproductive system. Progesterone is actually an anti-stress, calming hormone for both men and women! Oh and did I mention it also ties directly and causally to our capacity to lose weight!

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Mother Earth-GAIA REALLY is ascending-moving to a higher vibration!

The evidence is overwhelming--as is the concept of it for many people. Lightworkers have known it for some time, but it is sometimes hard to awaken to a new reality when we are so mired in the 3rd Dimensional world. In the 5th Dimension, we will take advantage of free energy, the abundance that is present from our Creator's Bounty. Keep reading and learning about this and come along with us Lightworkers and ascending angels! Start with the Golden Age of GAIA and the blog about the coming Crystalline bodies we will have. Crystalline cells are more clear, less dense, and can vibrate at the higher levels.

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Letting Go of Judgment, Finding Sacred Purpose

Letting Go of Judgment, Finding Sacred Purpose December 3, 2017 By Kathleen Mary Willis Voice of Freedom.ca With greater awareness of our wholeness and knowing the inter-connectedness of everything, we see letting go of old insidious ways happening more and more often. We’ve seen women say, “Enough!” to sexual harassment in the #MeToo movement and…


URGENT MESSAGE FROM ARCHANGEL ICHAEL – Energies of December – The Revealing – by Love Has Won ARCHANGEL MICHAEL (originally posted 11-28-2017) Thanks to   https://www.lovehaswon.org/angel-messages-1/urgent-message-from-archangel-michael-energies-of-december-the-revealing. Note from editor-I am posting this late-3 days after the full moon-by many reports the sensation of the energies from December 3 to today December 6, have been profoundly felt…

Living in a Higher Vibrational World!! Being the Change!

Being the Change!

Emotional vibrations from low to highest

You know that loving. Generous, truly joyous spirit we feel at Christmas? The good feeling of joy in the music, the great smells of Christmas time, the joy in being with those you love? That feeling that makes you want to belt out “Joy to the World”? That is the feeling of a higher vibration emotion! I have written lately of the ascension of our world and physical bodies, a world more filled with light, love, and joy. We (humanity and all life on GAIA) are moving toward this Nova GAIA quickly now. It is referred to as the ascension to the 5th dimension and is a very positive new age of our existence! Read the information about the increasing Schumann Resonance Scale to affirm the fact that it is happening now as you read this. Here are the links to those blog entries: here:  http://ascendingangelhealing.com/ascension-science/ and here: http://ascendingangelhealing.com/moving-to-higher-vibrtation-i-e-ascensionthe-schumann-resonance-bursts-and-affects-on-human-consciousness/.

Today I am going to target two things: A belief that we are here to make our world a better place according to our gifts. Sometimes that means leading by example. Being the way we want our world to be! Some of you are ready to take part and others (many) are fairly reluctant to join. The more who see this future and embrace it, the quicker our world will embrace peace, harmony, and love. I promise it is coming, so look to the hope that I am describing and seek its truth. Higher vibrations are extremely contagious—in a good way!…

Following up the Schumann Resonance Information The Quantum Solar Shift

Following up the Schumann Resonance Information The Quantum Solar Shift

Following up the Schumann Resonance Information The Quantum Solar Shift – lots of science/physics in this one. Some may find it helpful! I am sort of a geek as my friends know. I study the depth of what I say to the public. These kinds of sources and information add depth to the understanding of what I am sharing.

The higher vibrations of an ascending Earth/World, require that our human body cells can accomodate the higher vibration. Currently, human and animal cells are largely carbon-based. The element of Carbon is a black/gray, leaves dark smudges, is solid occluded (can’t see through it) substance. Silicon, the element that will anchor our evolving Crystalline body cells, and in the future, vibrates at a higher level, it is translucent, holds/transmits energy better, and is the foundational cellular element in plant foods. It is also stronger, but thinner, and creates crystalline structures, like glass/sand.

All Animal foods are carbon-based. We have been taught that animal proteins are the proteins most important to the human body. If that was ever true, it is no longer true. We and our animals are moving into the higher 5th dimension. The higher vibration is loving, kind, joyful, forgiving, patient–on the opposite end of the spectrum from hate, fear, anger, greed, revenge, etc. Hopefully tying to gether the idea of vibration, translucence, conductivity, etc. helps give the sense of why our food needs are changing with our higher vibrational cellular structure. This can help explain why our need for animal foods is all but gone, and our need for plant foods is increasing. At a higher vibration, there is abundance and less suffering. That is the world I am moving towards.

Jordan Sather is a wunderkind! And points he makes may be of great help as we make this higher vibrational shift!  Video below. …

11:11 Gateway into Full Embodiment

To any reader for whom this resonates, please join my blog. I hope to be part of a group of Lightworkers to be able to share/commune with, who like my message. This Lightworker stuff is lonely and sometimes pretty scary! It’s the deer in the headlights look others give that gets oldJ! Thank you! 11:11…

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

“Be the change you want to see in the world” -Gandhi What Gandhi Actually Said And while all of this “be the change” talk is good counsel, if we dig a little bit deeper, we realize that he wasn’t just telling us to lead by example, or to not get caught up in other people’s…

What does this mean?

What does this mean? 11.2 – The Storm Cometh! Antifa/DNC/Pedogate/UFO Disclosure Distraction Jordan Sather—makes you re-think!  I love this young man! Definitely an Indigo Being! Destroying The Illusion 11-2-2017 Streamed live 18 minutes ago    

Bio-identical Hormones–The issue with our hormones is not as simple as bio-identical or not!

Bio-identical Hormones–The issue with our hormones is not as simple as bio-identical or not!

First of all, there are hundreds of human hormones. There are endocrine, exocrine, anti-stress, stress creating, blood sugar controlling, energy giving, energy depleting, muscle or vaso-constricting [Vaso=blood vessel], muscle or vaso-relaxing, growth hormone, masculinizing, feminizing, weight loss, weight gain hormones, bone de-mineralizing/losing, and bone re-mineralizing/building. Most hormones are not correctly classified as a sex hormone, and those that are have more significant attributes than feminizing or masculinizing—as in what they do they do in both sexes to allow a certain function to occur.

Both sexes have almost all the same hormones; they just have them in relatively different amounts. The balance between hormones is critical to health but is pretty darn complicated to understand. And mathematical concepts/measurements are required! Medical doctors are taught a very limited and very skewed amount about the hormones we would consider the male and female hormones, in favor of selling pharmaceutical drugs in the forms of estrogens, progestins, and testosterone.

I cannot recommend any form of prescriptive hormone because no prescription will obtain a bio-identical i.e.-truly human form of the hormone. By definition, needing a prescription to access the hormone, means that it is not bio-identical! Bio-identical substances can’t be patented, and so cannot be sold by prescription. Without the prescription, the pricing cannot be marked up to create the profits the pharmaceutical companies require! So there is no profit to the pharm company to sell them.

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