The Critical Deficiency: Human Progesterone!

We have been duped for many years, and are still being misled!

Part 1:

The need for Progesterone to be supplemented by both men and women in the world today, is really NOT a complex issue. BUT- it has been made complicated by the intentional misleading marketing from the Pharmaceutical industry and our medical system.

Deciding how much of the recommended cream form of it we need to supplement for our bodies improved endocrine functioning, is fairly complex. But, the fact that we do need enough of it at all times and for understandable reasons are just not able to synthesize/make enough of it on our own; is actually pretty simple.

These are the facts:

  • We simply need more of our own natural progesterone because Progesterone is rapidly depleted by the stress of our lives, our nasty environment, and our under-nourishing/ poisoned foods, and chlorinated and fluoridated unhealthy water supply. Progesterone is also the source substance in the human body from which Cortisol is made (or synthesized) in the body.

Progesterone is not a female hormone at all. It is a human anti-stress, calming, nurturing, healing hormone. It is not in any way feminizing, and the shortage of it promotes depression and thyroid dysfunction, in men and women! Actually, the list of illnesses, symptoms, syndromes etc. that a deficiency of progesterone causes is more 50 items long, and includes a number of very serious and uncomfortable problems!

If we lived in a perfect world–say in Nirvana-we would probably not need to supplement natural progesterone daily!  So if you are living in Nirvana, dear reader, then you may not need to supplement with progesterone. Otherwise, you probably do!

  • Hormones are produced in the body (i.e. are synthesized) in a sequential and specific pathway. Those hormones in the pathway beginning with DHEA, follow this pathway: DHEA> Androstenedione>Testosterone> 3 Estrogen forms, and are measured in only microscopic amounts called picograms. 1 picogram = 0.000000000001 grams or 1 one trillionth (10-12) of a gram.  When we take a pill or consume them in drug form, we generally receive one-half mg 1 mg per tablet. This is just way, way, way too much!  Environmental estrogens are ingested in significant but not fully known or measured quantities.


  • The hormones in the other human hormone pathway which includes Progesterone>Cortisol as well as Progesterone>Aldosterone are measured in a 1000X larger measurement called a nanogram. Meaning that they are needed in the body at 1000X quantities. We are way undersupplied of these, when the other side, is so very oversupplied! The ratio of 1 progesterone molecule to 1 estrogen molecule should always be at least 1000:1. In fact the ratio of progesterone to any of the “sex hormones”on the left side pathway, is also 1000 : 1!

    Simple Hormone Pathway copyrighted 2004-2017, all rights reserved


As I said above, this simple issue has been made complicated by the intentional misleading marketing from the Pharmaceutical industry and our medical system. This is called obfuscation from the verb: Obfuscate. I will use that word a number of time throughout this website, as it is the means of the duping!

The Drug companies cannot make human/natural progesterone and sell it at a profit. A patent is required for each drug sold so that a prescription must be obtained to buy it! There is no profit in bioidentical/human hormones. And there is no end to disease creation when we use the chemicals they must prescribe. So they lie to us and tell us that the drug forms of their hormones are just like our own and work just fine. This is simply and patently false.

Obfuscatevto throw into shadow: darken; to make obscure; confuse.

Dear reader, please just step back with me to the beginning–to a new paradigm in “What are human hormones? And what do we each need to know about the more important ones that get so far out of balance?”

  1. Human hormones are chemical messengers responding to signals and are measured in microscopic amounts. They are exquisitely (i.e. very very) sensitive to the ratios between themselves. Humans really and truly can only use the exact same molecule that we make in our own bodies for most-if not all-of the endocrine hormones. That is the simple truth of it. However, and importantly, our bio-identical hormones cannot be patented, because to get a patent, the new substance being patented has to be genetically-i.e. molecularly unique and therefore different.

Look up the definition of unique. Unique means “the only one”! One, not one of a few, not one but others intending to be stand-ins count! No! -The only one.

Definition of unique (from Merrium Webster)

1)      Being the only one: sole

2)      Being [existing] without a like or equal: unequaled

3)      Distinctively characteristic: peculiar.

The one, unique, exact molecule of human progesterone looks exactly like this:




But progestin(s)– the fake drug forms of progesterones are not the same.

The most commonly used and proven toxic in the vast Women’s Health Studies (Women’s Health Study and the Hormone Therapy Trials which all ended due to poor outcomes (See this from Dr. Christiane Northrup MD) from the pharmaceutical agents being studied. Read more here and here). I am addressing here the results in which the fake versions of progesterone were used.

One of the primary choices that your Medical Doctor can/will prescribe for you is legally called “medroxyprogesterone acetate”. There are other drug forms they prescribe, with slight variations on the market too. None are safe or remotely identical to the human progesterone molecule.

not-bioidentical progestin

Popular Synthetic Progestin

The most used, Medroxyprogesterone acetate though is marketed under several names, including but not limited to Provera™, and Depo-Provera™. Its molecular structure is exactly per the patent on the drug, this:


Even the compounded forms (i.e. from the compounding pharmacist) of “Progesterone” are different. The pharmacists argue that they are bioidentical, but they cannot be and actually are not. They vary in molecular structure, are typically more water-soluble than natural Progesterone, and are pharmaceutical drugs. Probably the simplest and most obvious disqualifying factor to the consumer though is that they do require a prescription to buy them! None of the fake prescriptive hormones are bioidentical to the Progesterone we make in our bodies and so desperately need to have enough of to remain healthy. These are not the same! They are not the same at all! And the difference between them has been shown to cause heart disease, arterial disease, PMS, breast disease, thyroid dysfunction, arterial constriction, and many other problems.

What is the takeaway here? Two things that are genetically not the same are not equal or interchangable! An apple is not an orange, a genetically modified bean is not the same as an organic bean; a dog is not a cat, and a synthetic progestin is not natural progesterone. Yes, it is actually that straightforward! In biochemistry, nutrition, endocrinology, and as regards to your health, the molecular structure matters, and it always matters!

Finally, any form of progesterone that is not the human-made form should be called a “Progestin”. Pharmaceutical companies know this, but they like to call them progesterone anyway, to obfuscate things. Continued in part 2….

Part 2:

How much more progesterone is needed for women and men?

This is more complex, and is dependant upon the life phase and current condition of the client! I have observed some straightfoward guidelines that have worked for thousands of my clients. I found bits and pieces of the answer from about 10 different researchers and laboratories, as well as hundreds of studies I found and reviewed in my research and work. Some studies came from Great Britain and Europe and some from the U.S.A. Typically US-based practitioners are afraid of the American Medical Association and tend to grossly underestimate the natural progesterone their patients require. Europeans follow a more sound set of studies on ratios and amounts and use more progesterone. One American based lab, owned and started by a German-trained Ph.D. helped greatly too. This hormone pathway came from his lab site at Rhein Labs in Reston VA.

Hormonal Synthsis Pathway

Source: Frank Nordt, Ph.D., Rhein Labs 2007


The bioidentical progesterone hormone we use to supplement, is made from plants in a natural process of applying enzymes to a specific chemical compound found in organic soy beans and certain yam plants. The chemical compound is called diosgenin. I have found that using enough (~60-140 mg**) of that converted plant compound, works beautifully for most people. The benefits are many, some subtle and others more obvious. But generally do include feeling less stressed, with fewer estrogen excess symptoms, easier gynecological issues, better sleeping, and improve thyroid function, usually quickly. 

60mg-160 mg equals 3-7 full pumps of the cream, individed applications from the pump bottle. It is enough to makes a big difference, and cannot identify one single negative side effect of regular use of the amounts I recommend. It is probably best to start with a smaller amount and increase it over a few days.

However is you are concerned, just half these recommendations and see for yourself. In my professional and long-term assessment of this, more is better– up to 4-6 pumps daily, for everyone. Yet, using an insufficient amount appears better than not using any.  And finally; some is better than none! Dr. John Lee, MD for example only recommended 1/8-1/4 tsp dosing. He understood well the concept, but was using flawed lab results to identify the therapeutic quantity needed by the women with symptoms. While we now know this small amount is not enough, he evidently saw benefits in his patient over the years he lived to recommend it.

The environment we live in contributes actually mass amounts of estrogens and estrogen-like chemicals to our bodies. For  example all things made from petroleum and many pesticides/herbicides, contain pseudo-estrogens, called Xeno-estrogens (Xeno means foreign to the body or food source). Xeno-estrogens have a specific chemistry in them and are much more powerful and toxic than the natural estrogens made by humans. The significant issue is that they bind to the estrogen receptor cell without releasing, unlike the human forms, which release. Therefore, xeno-estrogens have an unpredictable and toxic effect on the body.

These are substances that cause a critical imbalance in western living people because the need for Estrogens is in fact so minute/tiny compared to what is being breathed in, eaten, or consumed through the skin! Additionally, stress depletes progesterone rapidly, and the original ratio of progesterone to any form of estrogen is about 1000X : 1.0. The measurement gage/scale for measuring progesterone is also 1000 X the gage used to measure the left side hormones such as estrogen. 1 nanogram equals 1000 picograms. The frequency of the symptoms people report is staggering when one works regularly with clients. This imbalance is real, its ‘very common, it’s debilitating, and is a significant cancer causing problem for both sexes.

This discussion can go on for hundreds of pages, but to make it simple the facts just provided will hopefully help you to see how fundamentally imbalanced in the sex

Source: Frank Nordt, Ph.D., Rhein Labs 2007

hormones side of the pathway (left side of graphic) is relative to the other pathway where progesterone becomes Cortisol and other calming hormones. Progesterone is not a source for making nor is it made from estrogen in our bodies. That is a falsehood long perpetuated to support the claims of estrogen deficiencies in people. That has allowed the sale of estrogens and testosterone to the masses and illness/death for untold millions. We need progesterone and its subsequent hormone Cortisol in very significant amounts and directly in relationship or proportion to the level of stress in the body.  Look at the two hormone synthesis pathways I provided above.

**Note 60-160 mg of progesterone would require 3-7 pumps of the cream daily. 4-6 pumps is average.

This is a helpful table of symptoms generally known to be signs of “Estrogen Dominance” or progesterone deficiency. Though they are extremely common in our population, they are absolutely not normal! Having several of these symptoms is a loud cry from your body asking you to re-balance your endocrine system. Some of them stand alone in signaling you to add a significant amount of purely natural-bio identical progesterone cream regularly. Some also will need a nutritional modification as well. Common signs of Estrogen Dominance or Progesterone Deficiency

Virtually every adult and many teenagers could use natural progesterone cream to be applied to their skin regularly. Buy the progesterone in the pump jar, not the tub, as it remains more pure-i.e. uncontaminated-in the pump bottle.

Organic Excellence is my choice. it delivers both 20 mg of natural USP progesterone from plant sources, per pump of emollient cream.

  • Women who menstruate will typically need to apply it in accordance with the beginning of their monthly period from day 12-26. Note: Even if taking the Birth Control Pill the natural hormone in the body on the right days helps mitigate the damage to your reproductive organs, from the synthetic hormones in the pill.
  • Women who are no longer having periods can use it daily, month in and month out. It’s a miracle cream.
  • Men will use less and also daily. The signs it is helping will show up in the thyroid function, mood, and a couple other things.
  • Pregnant women especially need progesterone but it needs to be discussed with the client before using. It has a profoundly calming effect on both the mom & fetus before birth, and a profoundly anti-depressant effect on the mother once the placenta is delivered with the baby

No person should fear side effects as this is neither a form of estrogen or a feminizing hormone. It is a Human anti-stress and bone building hormone. And I will guarantee that you are likely in need of its supplementation–unless you live in Nirvana-i.e. no stress, not xeno-estrogens, and no birth control pills!

I hope I have helped clear up what you have heard in a way that
helps. Please feel free to reach out to me for a consultation
from the “contact us” page.

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Theresa W. Cook Ph.D.

I am not a medical doctor but am trained extensively to counsel in these holistic aspects of our body’s functioning and its ability to heal itself–if and when it is provided the right tools in balance, including the foods it requires and supplements in form and ratio to its needs. I am extensively trained in the subjects I present herein.

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