No, not us. This planet. Credit:

Under New Management

No, not us. This planet.


What purpose does demolition of the old deep-state structures serve?

There were many offers made to them to stop their forward motion and welcome Ascension and everything that goes along with it – world peace, abundance, disclosure, etc.

The channeled messages of the time stated that the cabal refused. They wouldn’t abandon their plans for world domination.

Now thousands of indictments document their crimes, all in an effort to stop them and compensate those they’ve harmed.

What possible role can there be for builders of Nova Earth in a period of demolition such as this – or “chaos and mayhem,” as it’s been described?

Must we simply sit on the sidelines and watch the unoccupied deep-state structures be brought down?

The higher-dimensional response would be to send love and peace to everyone to help all of us to get through this time of warring sides and emotions.

A higher-dimensional response would have us keep our eyes on the goal – a world at peace, without any residue, any festering wounds.

In my opinion, in the immediate future, we’ll need to become beacons of love, reassuring those around us that everything will ultimately be alright, that we’re going through a planetary transition that will see an end to inequality and poverty.

The military are an indispensable part of it. A core of dedicated white hats has been at work for more than a decade. It’ll be a clean-up of all levels of society, right up to the top.

It’ll put an end to state-terrorism or false-flag operations. (1) It’ll put an end to child trafficking, pedophilia, child sacrifice, sexual harassment, corrupt government, corrupt judiciary, the international drug trade, and so on.

This planet is about to come under new management.

We can greet the transition with fear or appreciation – appreciation for those risking their lives to carry it out; gratitude for their preparations and arrival.

We’re watching the fruits of risky and uphill efforts over years to create the momentum that could bring about this result. I and everyone who agrees with me are grateful.

The sign reads: Demolition underway, followed by construction.

This planet will soon be open for unfettered life again under new management.


(1) Like Oklahoma City, 9/11, the Paris Massacre, the Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, the Orlando gay club, and the Las Vegas Shooting.


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