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You know that loving. Generous, truly joyous spirit we feel at Christmas? The good feeling of joy in the music, the great smells of Christmas time, the joy in being with those you love? That feeling that makes you want to belt out “Joy to the World”? That is the feeling of a higher vibration emotion! I have written lately of the ascension of our world and physical bodies, a world more filled with light, love, and joy. We (humanity and all life on GAIA) are moving toward this Nova GAIA quickly now. It is referred to as the ascension to the 5th dimension and is a very positive new age of our existence! Read the information about the increasing Schumann Resonance Scale to affirm the fact that it is happening now as you read this. Here are the links to those blog entries: here: and here:

Today I am going to target two things: A belief that we are here to make our world a better place according to our gifts. Sometimes that means leading by example. Being the way we want our world to be! Some of you are ready to take part and others (many) are fairly reluctant to join. The more who see this future and embrace it, the quicker our world will embrace peace, harmony, and love. I promise it is coming, so look to the hope that I am describing and seek its truth. Higher vibrations are extremely contagious—in a good way!

Secondly, I want to address a helpful solution to a very common problem that we can prevent, heal, or at the very least control. It is a pervasively common problem generally known as Candida/yeast. Candida/yeast is a infestation, more than infection, as it is an overgrowth of parasitic organisms that thrive on a weak gut/sinus flora, weakened immunity from stress, and sugars. We need to deal with it at the root problem. I would like to share a basic and effective cleanse that works and can be used/repeated to control yeast. I have also published a new (still in progress) page on the website to discuss it further as it is not a simple subject, but important.

Firstly, I am asking you to join me in taking charge of creating a better world-without fear, hatred, and division. Let’s all become healthier than we have been before! Eat your higher vibrational organic fruits, vegetables, and berries daily! Add the Juice Plus+ capsules to your regimen to facilitate further that higher vibration! AND CHOOSE to be kind, loving, and grateful! Meditate! Study the law of attraction! Step up to gratitude and love! Higher vibrations feel better inside! When you are vibrating at the higher level-you help bring others up to your level! It raises the average! Be the Change!

The ascension is about more love and joy in our world and healing in our hearts and body. It will also demand more of your diet as I have said earlier–more organic fruits & vegetables for their higher vibration/silicon-based nutrients. Be [Become] the change you want to see in the World. Read: Carbon replacing Silicon in our cells as we ascend/increase our vibration.

Use all three simultaneously for 60 days.

Use all three simultaneously for 60 days. Repeat as necessary for 30 days.

60 Day Yeast/Candida Cleanse Protocol

These are the three products that when taken together for about 60 days, will kill out the yeast/Candida/fungal overgrowth I referred to above. They are taken simultaneously AND with a specific schedule. I promise results! Then repeat for 30 days occasionally. It’s also good idea for alcohol drinkers-especially those who like wine & beer! Note: yeast doesn’t disappear! We just need to kill enough of it to get it back in balance with the friendly bacteria we require. But it has to be done intentionally and effectively.:

60 day Yeast Kill protocol/30 day occasional prevention protocol.

  1. Candex- Take 2 capsules 2X daily for 60 days-on empty stomach. Kills yeast by destroying its tough outer membrane.
  2. Take the Jarro-dophilus EPS probiotic with Candex-2 capsules 2X daily. Doesn’t require refrigeration! Repopulates gut/sinus flora.
  3. Take 3 -2 times daily WITH FOOD of the Solaray Brand Yeast Cleanse to prevent the regrowth. Anti-fungal herbs, take for 60 days.

It works!

Please buy through this link! It costs you nothing AND you’ll get extremely competitive pricing, quick and free shipping, and excellence customer service at Natural Healthy Concepts! It does help me a great deal–as it adds up!

You will need 2- orders each of the larger sizes to get through 2 months.



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